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Balto's Story, the story of
The Great Serum Run can be found at:
The idea for An Echo Through The Snow
started with a husky from a newspaper ad
that needed a home. Not long after,
a second one came to keep the first one
company. Curiosity about the breed sent
Andrea digging for information about the
Chukchi people of Siberia who, millennia
ago had downsized wolves into working
sled dogs. From there she discovered
nineteenth century ethnographies written
by Norwegian and Russian explorers that
reveal a relationship with dogs that was
both sacred and central to the Chukchi
way of life.
Joseph Stalin in 1929, life changed dramatically for the
Chukchi in ways paralleling the fate of the American
Indian Nations. Having written several stories, Andrea
was looking for a new story line for a novel. After
watching a documentary about The Great Serum Run
of 1925 in Alaska, where twenty people and 150
dogs relayed a diphtheria antitoxin almost 700 miles
across the arctic to save the children of Nome, Alaska,
Andrea was then hit with an idea for a book.
While writing Echo, she assembled her own little rag-tag team of six huskies. Little
did she know that they'd train her more than the other way around. Their steadfast
loyalty and determination taught her how to be "a better, more patient person who
faces fear and doubt head on." She says that she would have never guessed in a
million years that by stepping foot on the runners of a dogsled she'd enter a world
experienced by few. One where the doors of imagination would swing open to give
her the insight and inspiration necessary for writing a tribute to the brave men and
women portrayed in An Echo Through the Snow.